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The LabRATS listserve is a forum for managers, post docs, and grad students in UCSB’s approximately 700 labs. The goal is the creation of a semi-formal network to communicate needs for equipment, research techniques, or conservation ideas without overwhelming the members with minor requests. A few knowledgeable subscribers from each research department may direct requests or offers of surplus equipment to the appropriate researchers in their department. There are some resource issues and research techniques in common among these labs that may be solved through this grapevine.

Photo: Energy Team GuysUCSB sustainability Change Agents meet to share ideas.

Occasional postings to this network provide valuable information to many researchers including purchasing strategies, surplus items, energy savings tips, technical updates and occasional social events. Sign up for the Campus Network

Photo: Sustainability Sub-Committee MeetingClean Room Manager Dave Bothman meeting with LabRATS staff and intern and two UCSB energy managers.