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Photo: Delamper

Lighting makes up 10-20% of laboratory energy. Many laboratories are lit throughout the entire space, even when only a small area of the lab is in use. This can be addressed by only turning on the light switches that you need, utilizing task lighting, and removing bulbs in overlit areas of your lab, such as aisles or desks with task lamps. Why wait until a light burns out to decide whether or not you need it?

Delamped Bulb Tag

LabRATS and FM initiated the BulbFree campaign that encourages researchers to evaluate how much light they need and to intentionally remove bulbs in overlit areas. Each bulb uses 50-60W and, once removed, will save about $20 per fixture per year. Bulbs may be relamped at any time if desired. Call ext. 2661, option #4 if you wish to designate some overhead fixtures “bulb free”. A re-lamping staff person will review your preferences. This is an excellent program for older buildings with standard overhead fluorescent fixtures, and can cut lighting demand by 10-20% or 1-4% of total laboratory energy needs. Be sure that your fixture is equipped with electronic ballasts so the savings will be maximized.


Photo: Delamped fixture with tag

A “Bulb Free” tag hanging from a delamped fixture.