UC launches Million Light Bulb Challenge Community Buy Program

UC has launched the Million Light Bulb Challenge, an initiative to make LED light bulbs more affordable for students, staff, faculty, alumni, and retirees! By including bulbs that cost around 46% less than the average online cost, UC is aiming to replace 1 million traditional bulbs with more energy efficient LED bulbs. This will not only reduce Californian’s carbon footprint, but will also bring the UC system closer to its goal of achieving operational carbon neutrality by 2025. For more information about the program and where to purchase bulbs, click here.


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2018-19 Staff Sustainability Recognition Awards Program – Accepting Nominations

Sustainability as a Core Value

At the University of California, Santa Barbara our goals is to approach environmental issues head on and innovate solutions to improve the environment. We use the campus as a living lab and everyone has a role to play in making the campus sustainable. We foster a culture of sustainability through supporting campus-wide efforts, coordinating program development, and publicizing sustainability work by students, staff, and faculty. The environmental movement in the United States began on the coastline surrounding UCSB and we strive to train our students to engage in the processes to advance environmental stewardship not just on campus, but throughout their lives as they go into the workforce after graduation.

Action Today for Tomorrow

2018/2019 Highlights

  • UCSB won a 2018 Best Practice Award in the annual Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Awards contest presented at CHESC for our project to increase onsite renewable energy generating capacity tenfold through a multi-site PPA.
  • Received LEED Platinum Certification in New Construction for our new Bioengineering building, Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics Munger Physics Residence, and our Portola Dining Commons
  • UC Santa Barbara received a Two-Star EPEAT Purchaser Award from the Green Electronics Council for its leadership in the procurement of sustainable IT products (Full Announcement). UC Santa Barbara was recognized for its purchases in two IT product categories: PCs and Displays, and Imaging Equipment.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions for 2017 came in 19% below 1990 levels despite an almost doubling in campus building space.